Services & Pricing

Why hire a designer?

You’d be surprised what goes into a proper logo, layout or ad. There’s a philosophy at work underneath it all – “everything matters.” It’s no lie and no exaggeration. Shapes, colors, typography and more combine into a holistic process. Each component matters and conveys a message to your audience. The key is finding the best solution to a unique problem; the best holistic message. Simplifying the problems and finding solutions is my main goal within any of my design services.



Many solutions fit into nice little categories. Such as logos/branding, layout design and advertising. Often times the lines between these get blurred and projects begin to overlap or include multiple categories. Sometimes these categories don’t quite describe a project – let’s call those ‘other’ – and that’s OK. Your solution should be as unique as your problem – and it doesn’t have to be confined by categories. That said, my services generally include branding & logos, layout design, websites, brand collateral and posters.


As far as pricing is concerned, I do not have a set list of prices for my services. Each project is different and may require something more (or something less) and I want the costs to reflect those details. Feel free to contact me for a quote.