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Small Businesses

Building upon relationships while working with locally owned small businesses has been a very enjoyable method. Currently, that’s where I’d like my focus to stay. As a graphic designer I’ll always encourage projects that¬†stretch my boundaries (and excitedly so), but sticking with smaller, locally based projects has been a very positive experience thus far. It allows me understand your business as best as possible in order to produce the greatest results.

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– About Edward –

Before falling in love with, and pursuing, graphic design, I studied philosophy at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. It was hard. It was challenging. I loved it. In my final semester of undergrad at KSU I became interested in what the marriage of art and philosophy offered – and even more interested in the idea that art could be used as a visual means to solving problems. I continue to find this fascinating and exhilarating. Solving a problem can be a challenge, but solving a problem in a new way, in a way that stretches one’s ideas and abilities is even more challenging. Needless to say, I’m truly enjoying myself.

Currently I’m living and working in Manhattan, KS. After studying graphic design in Kansas City my wife and I decided that Manhattan was the¬†place to call home. There is something about living and working in a small community that I deeply enjoy – relationships. Simply put, I want to be a designer that focuses on developing meaningful & symbiotic relationships with my clients.

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